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About us

The Dreamattic Experience

We are a group of Internet enthusiasts. Some of us have been working together on Internet businesses since 1995. We started by creating an Internet Service Provider when in our country it was not possible to connect to Internet, then we created a search engine when Yahoo was only in English and it was almost impossible to find content in other languages, we fought to break the .COM monopoly of Network Solution and Introduce more TLD domains.

In the year 2000 we created Dreamattic (AIBITS, S.A was the name of the company at that time), to work in the field of swarm intelligence trying to extract patterns from Internet habits. We successfully created one of the first tools to predict user behaviour based on their interactions, 7 years before Facebook or Google decided to talk about hypertargeting.

Since then we have been involved in several and diverse projects, from Music Hit prediction to an international Online TV Channel on sustainable development. 

Today we develop, manage and aggregate Internet sites covering a wide range of topics, from Latest business news, to Restaurant Directory, from Mobile app reviews to Tools for webmasters to work with colours... We focus on niche content and vertical portals, but we also manage directories and automated services. 

Currently we own around 20 sites/projects and collaborate with a group of companies and organisations having in total another group of more than 30 websites.

This is our groundwork to learn all the current techniques and discover what real-world problems web owners face. We offer many services because we have been forced to learn many technologies and methodologies which now we can offer to our clients.

There is nothing we are not interested or can not manage!