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Advice, Traning & Conferences

Transfering our experience

We don't like the word "Consulting"... it's too cold, sounds expensive and with no personal implication. We prefer to talk about advice, or knowledge transfer, and that is what we do.

Training Sessions:
Giving advice to the CEO of the company about the importance of Social Media is useless, all the company has to be involved in such activities or campaigns.

We offer from half day to several days training sessions, with all content created specifically for your company need. This won't be a standard copy-pasted courseware downloaded from Internet. We are trustworthy and original.

Advice Workshops:
Sending a list of links about cloud computing to your CFO it's provably not the best way to  design your future infrastructure. To do it well, we need to talk about money, but we need to talk with the developers to see their requirements, with support team to talk about accessibility, to management to learn their problems.

We offer one or several days of brainstorming meetings to discuss about one topic, explore the alternatives and start drafting a solution together.
Long term advice agreements
With some projects we meet once a month, on these meetings we analyse progress from previous meetings, we study new issues, new ideas, suggest reading, connect with other companies...
Yes, we also do conferences. As an example we have participated in the UN meeting on Web 2.0 in 2008 to talk about Internet and Social Media and what they can do for the non-profit sector.

What we can do:
  • Internet Infrastructure: hosting advice, cloud computing, virtualisation.
  • Web techniques: doing your SEO, assessing your niche, spreading the word.
  • Data techniques: analyzing your visitor data, forecasting trends, data analysis.
  • Social buzz: preparing viral campaigns, word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Web advertising: preparing online advertising campaigns, targetting groups.
  • Design: connect you with a designer, design tweaks.
  • Sales: sales tracking, writing sales pages that do not suck, running promotions.