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Olla de Webs

A real life sandbox

The origins of this term:

In our mother language, Catalan, we have a saying: Això es com una Olla de Grills. The translation would be this is like a pot full of crickets. This expresion is used usually by our mothers when children do a lot of noise, or in a concert when the musicians are not able to perform as a group. 

One day, in a board meeting, while we were reviewing some of our websites, one of our founders shouted this expression... Això es una olla de grills, meaning that we had a large and diverse list of websites with no big relation among them. Then we started playing with the expresion, and since then we refer to this project as "Olla de Webs".


But don't get us wrong, for us this is a serious business. Today our collection of websites represent more than 60% of our revenue. We serve over 1 million unique visitors per month with more than 5 million pageviews. And this is without counting the websites of our partners and friends.

It's a Real Sandbox:

We can talk about Cloud Computing, S3 Storage, Load Balancers, Ram Cache/Varnish, Firewalls, Spam, AntiSpam, Google Analytics, Adsense, Affiliate programs, Adserver, CPM, CPC, CPA, Optimization, Streaming, Virtualisation.

Not enough? We can tell you about SEO, Social Media, Social Networks, Twitter, Facebook, Data Analysis, or how to recruit people from around the world to work or co-operate with your websites or initiative.

And this is not because we have read a book, or because we attended a conference a long time ago... This is because we are fighting everyday with these and other issues as a real business. This is why that we can explain you what is working for us.