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6 Degrees of Freedom

Having the nicest website is worthless if only your mom visits it. With more than 255 Million of websites in 2010, you need to do something special to get noticed, to appear in the top list. To be visible to the crowds that are desperately looking for you.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

With 255 Million websites, you can imagine there is a website for everything. Most probably you are not the only one to cover your topic. What can you do to appear i search results higher than your competitors ? There is no magic for that, but there are a set of rules or techniques that will help you to improve your position in search rankings. Those techniques are called SEO, standing for Search Engine Optimisation.

The SEO Industry has two price ranges: the highly professionals with prices that are over $20.000 and the automated service companies who offer prices under $50.

Moreover, the jargon around this subject is sometimes overwhelming, and the level of detail where these specialists get can be quite exhausting.

We propose a down to the Earth approach to SEO, we will not fight for the 1st spot, but we will give you clear indications, tips and tricks and practical advice on how to improve your rankings in search engines.

Social Media

Ten years ago, the task of a marketing director was simpler: when planning a PR (press-release) campaign he knew which were the top media outlets to call and had a list of the 200 other medias to whom he had to send the communication. Prepare a party, invite some influential journalists and for sure some press about the product was guaranteed.

Today there are 126 millions blogs, most of them ran by individuals on their free time. These people are influencers of their readers. Their circles of influence are smaller, but the level of influence they have has smashed the credibility of big media outlets.

If you want to launch a product, now it's not enough to contact traditional media: you need to identify the top influencers in social media and connect with them, listen to them,  have a honest dialog and cross your fingers for a positive review.

We are part of this "social media", we know some influencers, we know how to find them and how to contact them. We speak the same language. We can help you to get in touch with them. We can do the hard work for you, no warranties on the outcome of course, but no-one can give you. This only depends on how good your product is.

Social Networks

There is no better marketing tool than friends recommending a product to their friends. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have opened a new world of social marketing. Here the solution for advertisers is not always throwing more money,  is defining a clever strategy to make social networks talk about your product and talk good about your product.

If you know how to use it, how to listen to it, when and how to react .. you can earn a lot of kudos and leverage this to get the most from social recommendations.

We can explain you a few tricks we learnt while playing with our own social networks, what can be done, what will never be forgiven, and we can help you to design a strategy and to build and enable a team to be sure the plan is followed.