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The Dreamattic Approach
We know how difficult it to run a website, and how dificult is to manage a company, at Dreamattic, we don't want to be another problem for you, we are flexible in our palette of services, modalities and cost. For us, our priority is your satiscafaction, so our first task will be to listen to your needs and wishes, but also to your worries, budget constrains, and any other limitation to work together to elaborate a proposal that fits your needs completelly or we will suggest other alternative to achieve your objectives.

What we can do:

    Internet Infrastructure:
Is your infrasctucture scalable ? Is your provider reliable ? Do you have an emergency plan ?
Do you have an strong firewall ? A security policy in place ?
Is you application software up to date ? Can you rollback to previous version ?
Do I have to move to the Cloud ? What is virtual Machine ?

    Web Services:
What is the best platform to run a Blog ? and for a werbsite ? or an E-Commerce site ?
But my web will be in several langues
I want my documents & files to be stored in my own country

    Web techniques:
How to write content for the web. What can be done, what I have to avoid.
How to get in first search result on search engines (SEO).
Why google has banned my website
Is all the traffic to my site good ? Do I really want those visitors ?
Sitemaps, webmaster tools, RSS feeds, XML files
    Social buzz
How can I encourage Facebook users to talk about my product ?
What I have to do if somebody critizes my product on Twitter ?
Does e-mail still matter ?
    Data techniques:
Who is visiting my site ? From where ? When ?
What are they reading ? What interste them ?
How they get to my site ?
Is all traffic worthy ?
Do I have an scalability plan that matches traffic trends ?

    Web advertising:
Do I really need to advertiser online ?
Where ? What is adwords ? What means CPC, CPA, CPM ?
What is an affiliate marketing campaing ?
How to target my niche group ? Which tools.
    Website Design:
I need a website, but I don't know where to start
I want a rocking desing, but I don't want to break the bank
Is desing enough ? Do I have to consider something else ?

Tracking Sales,
Promoting your products in the right place
Make sense for me to create an affiliate program ?
Is better to join an existing one ?
How I run a A/B Test to see which sales page work better ?
What is an adserver ? How much it cost an adserver ?
How I get paid ? Where this money goes ?

    More questions:
You can add here your own questions...